Soon to be wife to Kofi Adjorlolo, an actress and a model – Victoria Lebene mekpah is a trending name on social media in recent times. The so-called actress whose past is nothing close to a pretty one to look at is trying to make a good name for herself. Well at least.

Lebene who recently participated in an Adeziwabade Fashion House photo-shoot has decided to tease her fans with a short video from the shoot.

In a video she shared on instagram page, Victoria can be seen turning, posing and trying to sing along to background music while camera flashes lightens her.

With the post, she captures the video “Thanks to the team For cheering me up and having my back during shoot @ashiakiemomo @adeziwavade @iamasephua @whitneyjadeadu ❤️❤❤️️much love Guys”

Hmm i can not say this is hot but its okay. Lol

kofi adjorlolo's wife lebeneClick Link to watch Video of Lebene in Bikini Posing For  A Perfect Shot





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