Oh it’s big news, Kevin Hart’s rapper alter-ego Chocolate Droppa has signed with Motown. Yesterday, we got news that he is preparing an album just after the signing.
Hart has mentioned at the project’s announcement that he is coming for your favourite rappers. He dropped a freestyle to celebrate the singing and guess what, he names some names in his sloppy freestyle.

Check the freestyle out:

“Drake, Future, Jay Z & 2 Chainz, I’m going smack all of you on the behind. I Let Ya’ll Eat!”

Not being the first comedian to go into music, will he succeed like his predecessors? Comedians like Jamie Foxx,  Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock have all dropped musical projects, although we can say for all but the music route hasn’t been bad for most of these comedians.

What do you think about Chocolate Droppa, will it go pass Hart’s Neighbourhood?