“Van Vicker, the Ghanaian actor – How much is he worth?”  I have had people ask me this anytime i’m out with my boys to play, be it a major occasion or a small event, the same question pops up.

Well, as much as I try not to sound so certain about Van Vicker’s worth, the answer always leads to another question. So guess what, I did some digging over the weekend, talked to a couple of media friends I trust to give me legit information and I came out with a thesis quite close to give you a fair view of Van Vicker’s worth.

Van-Vicker 4Van Vicker – real name Joseph Van Vicker is a Ghanaian actor. The smooth talker has received two nominations for Best Actor and Best Upcoming Actor at the African Movie Academy Awards back in 2008. The talented individual was born on August 1, 1977 (age 39). Vicker is married to Adjoa Vicker since 2003.

How much is the  Actor worth? The charming guy was once a radio and TV presenter before he moved into acting. He is back into radio business hosting a show on Live Fm in Ghana. He has made a lot of money for himself over the years and has been labeled as “The Richest Actor” one time in the past.

van-vicker 2Van Vicker now is an ambassador for Globacom Telecommunication Company. The actor also has a training facility where he trains student to acquire acting skills.

From reliable sources and investigation personally executed by myself, Van Vicker’s net worth equate to $700,000 USD.

Comparably that’s an OK money, which means the Actor still has a long way to go to hitting the top. Good Luck Vicker!

Van Vicker 2




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