john dumelo denied fuel

John Dumelo a Ghanaian actor and recently a political activist has experience somehow an embarrassing moment in his life as a filling station in East Legon, around Adjiringano declined selling fuel to the actor.
It has been alleged that this needless situation happened because the Ghanaian actor campaigned for the National Democratic party.

As indicated by the source, the performing artist got to the filling station to purchase fuel, yet in the wake of moving his mirror down, uncovering his identity, the attendant said they won’t offer the fuel to John. “We won’t offer to you. Go and purchase from Mahama” the orderly is claimed to have said. As that was not enough, they begun hooting at him to leave the filling station.

As expected of the handsomely talented actor, John Dumelo forced a smile on his face and drove off the premises.

Source to this event has argues on secrecy not to disclose to not to name the said filling station. 

This is really by all account not the only experience John has persevered since he crusade for NDC. John unveiled on the eve to the decision that he has lost a few business and support bargains as far back as he openly embraced the candidature of President John Mahama.

Dumelo posted on his Instargram page, spreading his feeling on his Facebook page.

“I have been insulted, threatened with death, accused wrongly, framed up and thrown at with stones. I have had endorsement deals canceled and business deals sabotaged.My crime; I support the NDC. That’s my only crime. You insult me because I dream big, maybe you dream small,” he stated.

However, Dumelo said he is not perturbed by the intimidation. “You want to threaten me because I’m speaking on behalf of millions of voiceless Ghanaians who can see the good works of President John Mahama?
Their voice is in their thumb and it will speak on Dec 7th for JDM…..NPP, dont let the election results surprise you. My name is John Dumelo and I’m voting for JDM. #toaso”

This event apparently happened the day before Ghana’s general election, thus 6th December 2016. Ghana’s general elecetion  – which saw the now elect President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo beating the incumbent President John Mahama with 1 million plus vote took place on the 7th December 2016.

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