Recep Erdogan

Turkey’s President – Recep Erdogan just humiliated Donald Trump on live TV during a joint press conference, forcing the Trump to make an astounding diplomatic concession.

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To understand just how badly Recep Erdogan gamed Trump, we first have to consider the nuances of Turkish geopolitics. The main obstacle to Erdogan’s complete consolidation of power in Turkey is Kurdish activist groups like the PKK and the YPG, a dynamic that has put Erdogan at furious odds with America’s support of anti-ISIS Kurdish fighters in Syria.

And since Kurds have been the single-most effect fighting force on the front lines against ISIS, Trump has signaled his intentions to send the group arms as recently as May 9th. Yet, just one week later during their joint press conference, Erdogan HUMILIATED Trump by bullying him into walking back his support of the Kurds on live TV.

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“There is no place for the terrorist organization in the future of our region, taking YPG and PYD into consideration in the region will never be accepted,” Erdogan said right to Trump’s face. “It’s going to be against a global agreement that we have reached.”

And then, whaddya know, Trump begins parroting Erdogan’s exact sentiments. Never-mind the fact that the Kurds have been America’s most crucial ally in the fight against ISIS, and never-mind the fact that Trump was going to INCREASE America’s aid to them just one week prior.

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“We support Turkey in the fight against terror groups like ISIS and the PKK, and ensure they have no safe quarter,” Trump said, shamelessly relenting to Erdogan. “We also appreciate Turkey’s leadership in seeking an end to the horrific killing in Syria.”

How utterly embarrassing. Trump’s allowed himself to be pushed around by a third-rate autocrat, indicating to the whole world that Trump caves to even the subtlest of diplomatic pressure.

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Trump’s reversal makes America look beyond weak. Obama would have NEVER relented to Erdogan’s oppressive demands.

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