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President Donald Trump continued to lie to everyone who would listen to him, telling them that a Republican senator was in the hospital, when this wasn’t true at all.

It started on Wednesday when asked why he thought his tax reform plan would pass through Congress after the healthcare bill “went down in the Senate” this week, Trump told Fox News contributor Pete Hegsethk:

Oh Pete, the healthcare bill didn’t go down. We have the votes, but reconciliation is a disaster. But as you know, it ends on Friday. We don’t have enough time because we have one senator who’s a “yes” vote—a great person—but he’s in the hospital. So we have the votes.

His comments Wednesday followed a tweet earlier that morning making the same claim:

The only problem is, not a single senator was in the hospital this week.

Trump continued the lie on Thursday, on Fox & Friends:

The president was reportedly referring to Sen. Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), who has been recovering from a urological issue this week, according to USA Today. But Cochran tweeted Wednesday that he was “recuperating at home”—not in a hospital.

The Senate isn’t holding the vote on the Graham-Cassidy bill not because Cochran is in Mississippi but because, as Bill Cassidy stated flatly, “We don’t have the votes” with John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Rand Paul all publicly opposed. Indeed, as Vox points out,

The real question regarding the whip count seems to be whether or not the bill really has the unanimous support of all the other senators, or if a handful of private opponents are simply laying low and letting those four take the heat.


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