It’s little surprise that the Trump administration — which chose a former CEO of oil megacorporation ExxonMobil as its Secretary of State — has turned out to be the country’s most anti-environmental government in decades.

From pulling out of the Paris Agreement to appointing a climate change denier to head the EPA, Trump has made it abundantly clear that ensuring a safe, clean world for future generations is not a priority. He and his cronies would much rather pander to the fossil fuel industries and keep those big campaign donation checks rolling in.

Our reality television leader’s war on science has understandably frightened those working to curb climate change, leading to numerous leaks from whistleblowers within federal departments.

Now, The Washington Post reports that Joe Clement, a scientist and Senior Advisor at the Interior Department resigned yesterday. He claims that Trump’s White House launched attacks on him after he revealed that worsening climate change is adversely affecting Native populations in Alaska.

Immediately after he made the information public, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke stripped him of his job and shuffled him down to an accounting position, a job he has no experience doing. There is an ongoing inquiry to discern if Clement’s reassignment, and several other such shufflings within the department, were legal. Clement says he could no longer in good conscience hold the accounting job because he wasn’t qualified for it and was wasting tax dollars.

Clement has major issues with Zinke, saying that he and many others at the department have no respect for his leadership. In particular, he says, they were upset by the Secretary’s comments that thirty percent of them are “not loyal to the flag.” The inane statement is a clear example of Zinke pandering to his boss Trump, who has launched a hollow, pseudo-patriotic campaign against NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

“Keeping my voice is more important than keeping my job. have not found another job yet. I have vast contacts inside the agency and outside. I do believe I can be a strong voice to resisting what the Zinke team is doing,” Clement said, according to the Post.




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