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Donald Trump Demands Apology From America In Crazed Online Meltdown

Donald Trump should probably be trying to save face considering how bad he looked last week during the hearing of former FBI Director James Comey, but we all know that Trump isn’t capable of restraining his insanity

Trump was back at it again on Twitter this morning, starting at around 6:30 a.m., to complain about the “fake news media” and their “agenda of hate” against him. This of course, devolved into a massive rant on several subjects, and it should honestly make every American ashamed to have him as our leader.


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Proving that it’s never too early to start raging and yelling at people from behind his phone, this tweet was followed by Trump’s usual b*tchfest, where he whines about how unfair his life is and portrays himself as an innocent victim – like he did in his morning complaint about the 9th Circuit, which struck down his racist travel ban.

On the upside, at least he’s admitting that it’s unconstitutional now, by calling it a ban.

Trump went got back to the “fake news media”, demanding that America’s free press apologize to him for reporting facts. Then, he praised what he is now calling “real news” – which probably just means Fox News (barf).


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Of course, no rant is complete without an attack on his predecessor, the highly successful former president Barack Obama. Still ignoring the fact that his American Health Care Act is considered a massive fail by the majority of Americans, Trump blasted Obamacare and called it a “death spiral” – even though his own Trumpcare bill would strip millions of Americans of their healthcare coverage. And of course, Trump topped this off by blasting “obstructionist” Democrats and mocking the resistance movement.

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It is an embarrassment to have a leader of what was once a well-respected country behaving like this. Even if America survives Trump, its reputation will be permanently damaged.

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