FBI Director James Comey

Donald Trump sends a message across to fired FBI director James comey. The president of the United States sends out an open threat warning Comey never to share the conversation they had together in private.

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Trump intends to shut Comey forever. Trump has made it clear that Comey confined in him that he wasn’t under investigation.  If Comey tried to leak conversations, it may not be right and might raise serious questions.

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Interestingly, Comey has been silent and hasn’t spoken in public about the president’s claim, but Comey friends who refused to be named said that idea that he would have told the President that he wasn’t under investigation as “literally farcical,” according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Trump is keen on keeping Comey mute for a long time as possible. As long has Comey is silent, Trump stays POTUS.

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