trump sad
Donald Trump in a sad mood.

So, get this. Trump stated that people are getting rich in America thanks to his presidency! Is he for real? His hypocrisy knows no boundaries!

Is he aware that he is taking credit of what Obama did during his 8 years? So basically, if he can’t eliminate Obama’s accomplishments, he simply takes credit for them. He is known for making headlines linked to scandals, nothing more!

As The Hill reportsTrump stated:

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“Personally, I’ve picked up nothing. Everyone else is getting very rich. That’s ok, I’m very happy.”

When will he stop stealing credit for what Obama created? He is that desperate!

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Obama wrote in a letter to all Americas, “Businesses that were bleeding jobs unleashed the longest streak of job creation on record.”

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Trump can say whatever he wants, but the truth can be seen by everyone! Ever since he took office, the speed of growth has diminished. And when he promised that he would keep jobs, he proved himself being a big fat liar.

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If Senate votes for Trumpcare, an estimated 1 million people will lose their jobs! So, the bill will not only take away the health care from the Americans, it will cause them to lose their jobs!

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