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Staffers in White House say Trump wants alone time so that he can do what he wants.

He also has Twitter meltdowns when anyone says something he doesn’t like.

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Trump also likes to fill his free time with spontaneous meetings with government officials and staff. He wants everyone to be at his beck and call so that he can feel important.

He spends too much time watching TV as well. Trump loves to watch Fox News, and often tweets about reports right after they’ve aired.

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He also talks to his staffers about what he saw on TV. Trump is wasting taxpayer money to discuss conspiracy theories he saw on Fox News.

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One staffer told Politico, “Number one, he’s lonely. It’s part of why he’s reached out to me. He’s always been a creature of routine.”

It sounds like poor little Trump needs a hug. Maybe he wouldn’t get so lonely if he didn’t spend all his free time alienating everyone.

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