trump pays staffer 90000 dollars

This week, news broke that Donald Trump employs one staffer whose sole purpose is to show him positive news reports about himself. For this daunting task, Trump pays this staffer almost $90,000 a year. [ reports]

The staffer is responsible for finding news stories that show Donald in a positive light, which actually does sound like a difficult job.

Of course, there is a little more to it than just finding news stories. The staffer is also tasked with finding pictures.

Twice a day, the staffer shows Donald flattering pictures of himself found through various media sources. Specifically, Trump likes pictures that make him look strong—whatever that means.

And yes, as crazy as it may sound, this story is true. This job is real, and currently it is being filled by a man named Andy Hemming.

“It’s an important role,” says Jason Miller, a former Trump spokesperson, of this weird job.

“Andy does an incredible job of finding those hidden gems and trying to amplify those positive messages,” said Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, current White House Press Secretary. So the picture that is emerging is one of a man who desperately scours Google looking for any positive mention and pretty photo of Trump that the president may like.

And to make matters worse, technically Andy Hemming does not work for Trump. He works for us. The $89,000 yearly salary Hemming gets to fluff Donald Trump’s ego is provided by the American taxpayers.

Donald Trump has a very strange relationship with the media. From the campaign trail, from Twitter and from the White House, he has blasted various news outlets and cried “fake news” when he does not like the stories they are reporting.

While campaigning to be president, he screamed that the media is the enemy and pointed out the press at his rallies so his supporters could boo them. He said their polling numbers were fake, and they would rig the election—but only if he lost it.

But he also wants to see good messages and pretty pictures from the press—so much so that someone’s entire career is actually built around this task.
You do not have to be a mental health professional to see that there is some sort of sickness at work here.




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