trump obama fathers day message

On Father’s Day morning, both former President Barack Obama and President Trump took to social media. The difference, however, couldn’t be more stark.

Obama, responding to Michelle’s own Father’s Day message, tweeted a touching tribute to his daughters, Sasha and Malia.

Trump, however, took a decidedly different approach.

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Instead of joining the rest of the nation in celebrating Father’s Day, Trump went on a self-congratulatory Twitter rant. He even managed to misquote the conservative-leaning Rasmussen poll, claiming that his approval rating is now higher than Obama’s was.

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At this point in his presidency, on this day in 2009, Obama’s approval rating per Rasmussen was 55%. Rasmussen reported, however, that only 31 percent of respondents strongly approve of Trump versus 42 percent who strongly disapprove, giving Trump an approval index of -11. Of course, basic math and honesty have never been Trump’s strong points.

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Notwithstanding the President’s fresh round of lies, his tweets are hardly the Father’s Day sentiment that his children expected. Well, maybe Tiffany did.