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President Trump just made another ridiculous lie during an interview this Wednesday, claiming that a few candidates running for office in Mexico are sporting hats that read “Make Mexico Great Again,” despite the fact that there are no reports of any candidate running for office in Mexico wearing such a hat.

Trump boasted during an interview with Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs that a select number of candidates campaigning in the Mexican elections were inspired from his approach during the 2016 campaign election.

“In fact, they wore a hat — a green hat that says ‘Make Mexico Great Again,’” Trump said. “They call them the Donald Trump of politics. They have a couple of them, actually.”

However, Mexican media and politicians immediately denied Trump’s claims.

Mexican newspaper “El Universal” stated in a new report this Wednesday that “it is not known publicly that something similar is happening in the Mexican campaign.”

Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo also came out against the report.

“Not true. The only Make Mexico Great Again hats were made by the Trump campaign so staff could wear them during their visit to Mexico,” he tweeted Wednesday.

And Mexican diplomat Jorge Guajardo claimed that Trump’s comments were a “big fat lie.”




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