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A follow up racial incident that happened in Annville, Pennsylvania between Rickey Lee Bugg, Jr. and Chris Behney, owner of Just Wing It restaurant. It was recorded that Chris Behney, cited Trump as an excuse to call Rickey Lee Bugg, Jr. and friend Jack Gunkel a racial slur (ni**er) and told them to leave the restaurant. [Read Full Story]

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Video report by PennLive.com suggest that college spokesperson Molly O’Brien-Foelsch confirmed that the university was aware of the incident and that an investigation is underway. She offered this statement: “LVC rejects all hatred and bias. Racist attitudes in no way reflect the culture of our campus.

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Just Wing It has taken the position that they are not racist. In this VIDEO posted earlier, you will see that Buggs, Sr. is gracious, but not accepting of their claims. He believes that his son was telling the truth. He believes the Facebook posts that allude to similar racial incidents at Just Wing It. Somebody here, he says, is stating alternative facts or lies, as he would call them.

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The #TrumpEffect

Bigots everywhere now have the green light to attack whomever they like. If Bugg’s account remotely resembles the actual events, then he demonstrated great restraint in the face of some pretty hateful speech. Business owners like the one at Just Wing It might want to think twice before pulling a stunt like this again. The tides are turning and people’s patience for this kind of behavior has worn thin. Trump is president indeed.

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