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This the kind of country-before-party leadership that America is so desperately in need of right now.

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) is just like millions of other Americans. After former FBI Director James Comey’s damning testimony before the Senate Intel Committee last week, it is painfully obvious that Trump has attempted to obstruct justice—the most IMPEACHABLE of impeachable offenses.

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So, Rep. Sherman spent the weekend crafting up a single, laser-focused article of impeachment against Agent Orange. As of Monday, Sherman is now disseminating this letter amongst his congressional colleagues, imploring them ALL to see reason and begin the necessary work of impeachment.

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“As the investigations move forward, additional evidence supporting additional articles of impeachment may emerge,” Sherman began. “However, as to obstruction of justice … the evidence we have is sufficient to move forward now. And the national interest requires that we do so.”

“I act not for partisan advantage. Having served with Mike Pence in the House for 12 years, I disagree with him on most issues of public policy.”

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“But we must move forward as quickly as possible to ensure a competent government that respects the Constitution and the rule of law,” Sherman said. “Even if we end up with a president who is effective and dedicated to regressive policies.”

“I have no illusions,” Sherman declared. “Articles of Impeachment will not pass the House in the near future. But given the risk posed to the republic, we should move things forward as quickly as possible.”


Here, though, Rep. Sherman is just out-maneuvering the Republicans. Mike Pence would be the dream president of the GOP leadership, so they’re undoubtedly rapidly approaching the point where they’ll accept impeaching Trump if it means they get Pence in return.

That will just play right into the hands of the Resistance though, since with potential Congressional majorities in 2018 and beyond, the Democrats can make quick work of impeaching Mike “I’m In On It” Pence. If we have to temporarily endure Pence to oust Trump, then so be it.

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Sherman’s letter spells the beginning of the end for Trump. Agent Orange’s obstructionism has just been too flagrant for impeachment not to move forward, even if steadily.