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Donald Trump, Adolf Hitler

In a Vanity Fair story back in 1990, Trump’s then wife Ivana Trump had spoken on Trump being influenced by Hitler. Welcome to Trump’s New World Order.

Trump has been compared to Hitler in the past on multiple occasions. This recent bombshell story, attributed to the ‘Trump Files,’ has now cleared up some reasons as to why.

Ivana Trump had told her lawyer, Michael Kennedy, that Trump would occasionally read Hitler’s speeches.

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When pressed about this issue, Trump responded saying his friend Marty Davis, who he says “is Jewish,” gave him the book. FYI, Marty Davis is not Jewish; Trump has a propensity towards lying.

Trump later claimed that, even if he owned a book of Hitler’s speeches, he would not read it. His ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, believes that if Trump did read the book it probably wasn’t all of it.

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Trump, in Tony Schwartz’s eyes, is all too erratic and impatient. However, Trump is a shrewd and vicious businessman who has become the President of the United States.

This scenario leaves us with two very scary options about Trump, which are: that Trump may be nonsensical, but that may be just a ploy, or that he honestly sees nothing wrong with being inspired by Hitler.


Whatever the choice, Trump is still a very dangerous individual.

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What are your thoughts about Trump and his admiration for Hitler? Do you believe he read the speeches?




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