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Trump Merchandise: News coming out from the east indicates that President Donald Trump haters who are holding major roles in large companies are quitting their jobs that have ties with Trump.

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From Ultimateflashnews

“Holding a company or an individual hostage because they are President Trump supporters is obviously extreme to hold. However, that’s apparently what’s taking place at some prestigious firms as “Trump Derangement Syndrome” continues gripping the emotional well-being of those on the “Loony-left”

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Moreover, some of those CEOs and Corporate big wigs who have met with the president at the white house are feeling the unhinged wrath of their employees.

Another manager also suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) wrote an open letter about her resignation on social media, and received thousands of responses, while another manager quit his job because Co-Chief Executive Safra Catz joined Trump’s Transition team.

Some have even forced their CEOs to drop their support for the president, as was the case with Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick.

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However one thing seems clear these carious attacks, demonstrations and protests, from retail stores, dropping President Trump merchandise, politicians holding up Trump’s nominee’s, the mainstream media reporting “fake news” and activist judges legislating national security issues from the bench, these are all coordinated attacks, designed to undermine the new administration.”

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