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U.S. President Donald Trump (C) celebrates with Congressional Republicans in the Rose Garden of the White House after the House of Representatives approved the American Healthcare Act, to repeal major parts of Obamacare and replace it with the Republican healthcare plan, in Washington, U.S., May 4, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

The new congressional Republican budget slashes spending from Medicare and Medicaid. Both programs could see more than a trillion dollars in cuts over the next decade.

The Republicans may have given up on trying to repeal Obamacare for now. But they aren’t done trying to dismantle our health care.

This time they aren’t just trying to destroy Medicaid, though. Medicare is also in their sights.

The Republicans released their fiscal year 2018 budget last week. They’re trying to keep the details under wraps, though, and have released few details to the public.

A new report from Democrats on the Senate Budget Committee, however, exposed the Republicans’ plans. The group, led by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shows how the GOP’s new budget will impact Medicare and Medicaid.

The GOP’s budget would cut $1 trillion from Medicaid over 10 years. Yes, that trillion with a “t.”

It’s almost an unimaginable amount of funds. The Republicans’ cuts will make it harder for low-income Americans to get the medical care they need.

The GOP’s been gunning for Medicaid for years, though. So their disastrous cuts to the program come as no surprise.

But now the Republicans want to gut Medicare as well! Their new budget strips $473 billion from the program over a 10-year period.

The report states, “The budget would make it harder for children to get a decent education, harder for families to get the health care they desperately need, harder for families to put food on the table, harder to protect our environment and harder for the elderly to live their retirement years in dignity.”

The Republicans are taking services from the most vulnerable in our society. They plan to strip health care from the poor and elderly, just so they can increase military spending and give tax breaks to the wealthy.

When is Trump’s base going to wake up and realize the president’s a threat to this country and their lives? Medicare and Medicaid are just the first casualties on the GOP assault on government services.

The GOP is hell-bent on taking away our health care and pleasing their rich corporate donors. Share this story on Facebook and Twitter if you agree.




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