Trump goes ballistic on reporter CBS ’ John Dickerson during an interview in the Oval Office. An unedited video footage of it has surfaced on the internet.

During interview, Donald Trump went on perhaps his most incoherent rant yet. This footage clearly shows that Trump is NOT of sound mind.

Since the days of Franklin Roosevelt, the first 100 days have been used as a benchmark for presidents. In order to get Trump’s view on his first 100 days, CBS ’ John Dickerson scored an Oval Office interview with the president himself.

What should have been a fluff piece interview with Trump turned bizarre when Dickerson mentioned Barack Obama. Innocently enough, Dickerson asked if Obama had given Trump any helpful advice.

“He was very nice to me, but after that, we’ve had some difficulties,” Trump said. “So, it doesn’t matter. Words are less important to me than deeds. And you saw what happened with surveillance and everyone saw what happened with surveillance.”
One would assume that Trump is speaking about his FALSE claims that Obama ordered Trump Tower to be wiretapped. The intelligence community has proven this to be a lie time and time again.

Dickerson gave Trump the opportunity to clarify his statement. “Difficulties how?” the reporter asked.

“Well, you saw what happened with surveillance,” Trump repeated. That’s when things got weird and unnerving.

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