hillary clinton announcement

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump on Monday for his near-silence on the humanitarian disaster in Puerto Rico.

The winner of last year’s the presidential popular vote, Hillary questioned Trump’s priorities after he has seemingly been focused on a twitter war against NFL athletes as opposed to offering messages of hope and healing to the American citizens living in the hurricane battered U.S. territory.

hillary clinton announcement

“I’m not sure he knows that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. He doesn’t think that has any political relevance and it’s certainly not personally important.” Clinton told Sirius XM’s Zerlina Maxwell on Monday afternoon.

“He clearly doesn’t want to talk about Puerto Rico, more than 3.5 million American citizens, along with the U.S. Virgin Islands. Not interested, doesn’t say a word about it,” she said while appearing on MSNBC’s All in With Chris Hayes later in the day.

Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rice last week leaving nearly the entire island with out power. Agriculture has been decimated and residents are running out of clean water and fuel. The territory’s governor warned that the region was on the brink of a “humanitarian crisis” and a “mass exodus.”

Instead of issuing statements of support, Trump has merely reiterated and highlighted Puerto Rico’s economic woes.

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