billboard erected near Mar-a-Lago resort

A progressive group just put up a new billboard ad near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Resort. This ad’s message is infuriating Donald Trump. According to Newsweek’s report several anti-Trump groups came together to pay for this billboard. They posted their message on Southern Boulevard in Palm Beach, FL.

That puts the billboard ad just a mile away from Trump’s Florida resort. This ad, however, takes dead aim at our so-called commander-in-chief.

That’s because the billboard calls for President Trump’s impeachment. For starters, the ad lists the group’s website

The billboard also says, “No one is above the law. Not even the president.”

This billboard’s message and location are sure to infuriate the president. And visitors can’t help but pass by the billboard on the way to Mar-a-Lago.

This billboard ad was sponsored by several progressive groups including Free Speech for People and They want to remind the president and the country that Trump has broken the law.

Norman Solomon, the national coordinator for, said as much in a statement posted on Common Dreams. Solomon stated, “Momentum for impeachment is accelerating at the grassroots.”

“As nationwide polling reflects, support for impeachment among the American people is vastly more widespread than what exists on Capitol Hill right now,” continued Solomon.”It’s time for Members of Congress to catch up with the public.”

At issue is Trump’s violation of the Constitution’s emoluments clause. This clause says that the president can’t accept payments from a foreign entity.

But Trump continues to take payments from foreign governments through his businesses. So he started violating the Constitution on day one of his presidency.

Trump could have avoided this legal trouble, though, by placing his businesses in a blind trust, just like other presidents have done. Instead, however, he maintained his connections to his businesses and put his sons in charge.

A new billboard near President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort calls for Trump’s impeachment. Trump, however, continues to violate the Constitution and make money from his office.
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