President Donald Trump

Politicians have always used distractions on the public. Ronald Reagan pretended to be old and forgetful when squirming out of Iran-Contra, for instance.

But only 2 Presidents have chosen to consider military action to delay impeachment – Richard Nixon, and Donald Trump.

In statements made yesterday, the White House ramped up rhetoric a probably-drummed-up story about an “impending” chemical weapons attack in Syria by the despotic ruler Assad.

Trump’s cabinet and his generals made it clear that they are already preparing a retaliatory strike on Assad.

This is what is known in politics as wagging the dog. Sometimes, politicians will invent new narratives to try to escape investigation or scrutiny.

As the Russia collusion investigation reaches its peak, Trump desperately needs a way to distract the media and convince Americans that he is not in league with Russia.

So, the President “pushes the button” on another Syria strike, and everyone assumes that the USA and Russia are at healthy odds with each other again.

But in reality, the opposite may be true.

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