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Donald Trump’s been feuding with San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz for—well, God knows why—but he sunk the feud to a new low on Tuesday by openly ignoring Mayor Cruz during a press briefing with top Puerto Rican officials. Trump’s antics have once more proved to the nation that the Bigot-in-Chief is utterly, horrifyingly unfit to be president.

Here’s the context on this frustrating story. Trump’s made his first visit to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria’s devastation on Tuesday. He and an entourage of top White House officials came to discuss disaster relief efforts with their Puerto Rican counterparts.

Since San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, it makes sense that Mayor Cruz would partake in this liaison. But—after Mayor Cruz initially blasted Trump for refusing to take the early stages of the humanitarian crisis on the island seriously—Trump had a new enemy to rage-tweet at.

“We are dying, and [Trump is] killing us with the inefficiency,” Cruz warned CNN over the weekend. “I am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying. This is a people-are-dying story.”

Well, as you’ve surely seen by now, Trump’s been hate-tweeting at Mayor Cruz ever since. So you can imagine the awkwardness that was in store for the Tuesday meeting between White House and Puerto Rican officials as Trump encountered Cruz for the first time.

But Trump wasn’t as awkward as he was downright childish, shockingly so. That’s because Trump SHAMELESSLY ignored Mayor Cruz.

Upon entering the briefing area, Trump absent mindedly shook Cruz’s hand, as Cruz remarked, “I just wanted to say, sir, it’s not about politics.” Trump had NOTHING to say in response and just walked away as if Cruz wasn’t even there.

Then as officials began speaking to the press, Trump acknowledged everyone there EXCEPT Cruz and let everyone speak except for her. This is among the most immature, unbecoming and uncalled-for antics we’ve seen Trump resort to yet, and it’s utterly beneath the office of the presidency.

Trump has the extraordinary ego of a madman Roman emperor like Nero. He is NOT of the right ilk to lead a democratic society like America, where we’re expected to challenge each other’s ideas as a democracy calls for.

Trump’s shameless ignoring of Cruz is a stark reminder. He’s ignoring EVERYONE except his base.

Impeachment is the only way forward for the American people. And there’s no better time than now to bring that reality to fruition.

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