The Trumps are well known for their incessant, incendiary Twitter usage, and one producer of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is happy to get to distance himself at least somewhat from this thorn in the side of Americans far and wide.

The @TrumpsAlert Twitter account exists for one purpose and one purpose alone — to notify people whenever any one of the Trumps take any action on Twitter. A bot is behind most of the account’s Twitter posts. The bot routinely scrolls the Trump family’s respective Twitter accounts for any updates.

On Thursday, the bot reported that Donald Trump Jr. “appears to no longer follow” the official Twitter account for The Tonight Show. Show producer Mike DiCenzo responded to this news on Twitter, writing quite simply, “Love this.”

As the @TrumpsAlert account noted in its post, the bot can’t tell what the reason is for any particular unfollow. Unfollows could, in theory, be the product of anything from an actual unfollow to a block — if someone blocks you, you’re going to no longer be following them.

Still, however it came about, Donald Trump Jr. no longer follows @FallonTonight on Twitter, and show producer Mike DiCenzo is happy about that.

The Trumps have had a testy relationship with late-night television for some time. The president has repeatedly taken very public issue with Alec Baldwin’s depiction of him on Saturday Night Live. Even though it’s literally a comedy show, the president has complained that SNL’s jabs at him are indicative of the supposed widespread and unfounded media bias against him.

Fallon, like so many other late night hosts, has been repeatedly harshly critical of the president. On Wednesday night, he hosted none other than Hillary Clinton on his show, and during the segment featuring her, the female writers behind the show and performer Miley Cyrus all read thank you letters to the former presidential candidate. Clinton wrote up her own thank you note directed at Cyrus and the others who spoke to her during the segment.

Clinton, during her time on the show, expressed the feelings of so many of us when she, in the description of the Los Angeles Times, slammed the GOP’s deep ties to the National Rifle Association in light of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Check out Twitter’s response to Mike DiCenzo’s discovery that Donald Trump Jr. unfollowed his show below.




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