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Time Magazine mocks Donald Trump as 'Russian Bribe'

TIME magazine has given President Donald Trump a jab for his many connections with the Russians. The president was made the ‘bride of Russia’.

Nadav Kander was the photographer who took Trump’s pictures, this is not the first time Kander has taken the cover portrait of the TIME’s Person of the Year issue.

He was the one who took the pictures of Barack Obama as the Person of the Year in 2012.

For the 90th time, TIME has named influential men and women as their person of the year. However, when Trump came on board, it became a laughing-stock. Americans didn’t even agree to the honor given to Trump.

Just InObama’s Father’s Day Message is a little different from Trump’s. 

Things have not fallen into place according to plan after Trump’s election, the promises made are still yet to be fulfilled, the wall of Mexico is yet to be built, and immigrants have become the hunted, as budgets are cut and affordable healthcare act threatened.

No one is safe!

Today, the Russians have been indicted of influencing the election of last year and many of Trump’s men are in trouble of having something to do with Putin and his men.

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Do you agree that Trump is a ‘Russian Bride’?
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