Trump withdraw support from California

We published a story somewhere last week about Donald Trump’s threat to withdraw funds to California. We expected the least until a reader drop an important comments on our post. Reader – Roger (name withheld on request) explains in his comment on where Trump is leading America to and the master plan behind Trump.

ALSO Donald Trump Threatens to Withdraw Financial Support To ‘out of control’ California

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The Republican party is no longer a party of American democracy but is now the party of ethnic-romantic nationalism ideology. Their goals, agenda and actions will destroy democracy in America. They will redefine religious freedom, civil rights and even our inalienable rights. They will destroy our environment, economy, the middle class and our personal liberties and freedoms. We must proclaim this truth about them loud and long until they are not just defeated but are no longer though of as American and are never allowed in power again.

The Christian Right over the last 50 years has slowly redefined what being a Christian is. They have succeeded in defining Christianity to mean religious nationalism, which is exactly the form of religion our fore fathers fled from and tried to safe guard America against by placing a wall of separation of church and state with the very first amendment in the bill of rights of our constitution. They have had to abandon our countries founder’s reformation Christianity and return to the persecution Christianity of the dark ages. American reformation Christians must stand up to this hate filled perversion of our faith.

These two anti-democracy and un-American groups have so intertwined themselves together with the goal of total power and control of our country. With the uniting of the un-American Christian nationalist and the anti-democracy Trumpism nationalist in our 2016 election, they used illegal collisions and rigged our election. Also, the Trump campaign sought help from outside enemies and inside corrupted state election leaders and the FBI enabled them to fabricate a false win.

The truth is that they pulled off a bloodless coup right here in America that has left most real Americans out of their own government process. We as Americans must not even acknowledge this illegitimate government! We must resist, march, boycott, call, give those fighting for our country and all else we can possibly do to stop them. We must not allow this to stand at all cost. We are the new patriots of freedom and democracy. Yes, here in 2017 a new group of patriots are once again being called to step forward. Join the battle and we shall overcome!