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You saw how the Red Cross did Haiti, right? Too, do you also remember how they took advantage of 9/11 servicemen and survivors? Texas most likely will be no different.

TEXAS, UNITED STATES — After watching all the devastation happening in east Texas, the nation has sent an outpour of love and support to the victims and displaced residents who were in the path of Hurricane Harvey.

And in this helping spirit, we often donate money to organizations so they help get necessary supplies to those in need.

According to Affinity, “roughly 30,000 people will be in shelters and around 450,000 will need some sort of assistance in this disaster.”

“American Red Cross: Together we SCAM lives” — (@Hales6ix ♛)

However, one of those well-known organizations with a documented, bad reputation is Red Cross Association.

Not to be trusted…
The Red Cross is absolutely notorious for raising a lot of money in donations for disaster relief and not actually putting it to good use, as mentioned in their mission statements.
For instance — and as one that should resonate most-clear — during the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake, the Red Cross raised around half a billion dollars in donations.

Do you realize how much money that is in donations? Do you realize how many people had to charitably give, in order for it to reach such an amount?

Well, with all those funds, Haiti should’ve been a country on the way to new birth, right? Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Matter of fact, no one knows what happened to those particular Red Cross funds — outside of the SIX poorly built houses the organization constructed before dipping out.

Actually, NPR did report that Red Cross spent 25 percent of Haiti’s funds on their own “internal expenses.”

According to the source, the death toll in Haiti after the earthquake was 230,000, leaving 3 million more affected by the disaster. Six … f**king … houses … out of half a billion dollars in donations. In 2016, it was reported that Haitians didn’t have access to safe or drinkable water at the time. Electricity was out of the question as well.

The source quotes Iowa senator Chuck Grassley as follows.

“The most important thing is an unwillingness to level with the people exactly where the money went. There’s too many questions in regard to how the money was spent in Haiti … it gives me cause to wonder about other money being donated for other national disasters.”

Good point…which brings us to another time




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