stupid things trump said

Donald Trump has said on numerous platform of being “1st In His Class” In College. Well he lied, look what we just found.

A news post from explains it all. Even with help from Russia there’s no way Trump should be commander-in-chief, given how unintelligent he truly is.

He’s no Barack Obama, that we already know. So how did Trump became president, does anyone really know?

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Donnie once claimed on the campaign trail that he had a “really good brain,” but many of his classmates from the University of Pennsylvania are disputing that claim.

From DP:

trump issued obamacare ultimatum

For years, President Donald Trump has said it’s clear that he is “a very smart guy” since he attended Wharton — a school he describes as “super genius stuff.”

Trump, who graduated from Wharton in 1968, has also never challenged the fact that he “graduated first in his class,” which various publishers and news agencies such as The New York Times have reported.Penn records and Trump’s classmates dispute this claim.

In 1968, The Daily Pennsylvanian published a list of the 56 students who were on the Wharton Dean’s List that year — Trump’s name is not among them.

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In conclusion, we can conveniently say that Trump is not a smart man, he just got lucky, right?




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