simpsons trump orb photo

An image purportedly foreseeing President Donald Trump’s viral shining sphere photograph in Saudi Arabia is fake.

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While various web bits of gossip have asserted that “The Simpsons” have mystical fortune-telling forces, the gleaming circle image is simply one case of an occasion that happened already, and was parodied.

“The Simpsons” video, then again, did not air 15 years before the ghostly photograph was taken, but instead five days after the photograph was taken.

The video presented on “The Simpsons” Facebook page has been seen more than 4 million times and farces Trump, who approaches the apparition of Richard Nixon for advice about previous FBI Director James Comey.

In the initial few moments of the video, the photograph of Trump touching the shining circle can be seen hanging in the wall. The Simpsons was satirizing the genuine occasion, not predicting it since the photo had already been taken at the time of the video’s debut.




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