Fresh off a Presidential pardon for his crimes defying a court order to stop harassing people based on race, the sheriff who proudly ran a brutal “concentration camp” for inmates in Maricopa County, Arizona, has announced what he intends to do next.

Unfortunately for all of us, Joe Arpaio says he isn’t just “going fishing.”

The Mercury News interviewed Arpaio at a Republican fundraiser in Northern California, where Arpaio said, “I am not going away.” Rather he said he is on a “mission” to promote his conservative values.

Lest you wonder if by conservative, he means racist, Arpaio left no room for doubt. Asked for an example of how he would pursue his mission, outside of appearing at fundraisers, the disgraced sheriff said he intended to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate, which he said would “go down as the biggest cover-up in the history of the United States.”

In fact, Obama’s heritage has never truly been in question. His Honolulu birth announcement and his short-form birth certificate have long been publicly available. Prior to 2011, it was against Hawaiian law to disclose long-form birth certificate, and his was made public as soon as it was.

Arpaio’s obsession with the racism fueled quest to discredit America’s first Black president can best be explained by something else he said in his interview.

“It took me 85 years to finally know in my own heart who my hero is,” Arpaio said. “You know who that person is? The President of the United States.”

Racist, cruel, obsessive, not too bright — of course Arpaio’s hero is President Trump. These two bigots were made for each other.
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