Dancehall art Shatta Wale, who is currently vacating in the US, met US rapper 50 cent when he paid a courtesy call on him at the G-Unit office in New York.

Although the detail of their meeting is still unclear, photos of the two have been seen circulating on various Social Medias.

In an interview on ‘This is 50’, the Ghanaian dancehall king disclosed, saying;

“I don’t really beef with people. People are kind of jealous of how I’m rising. In Ghana, the industry is not like in America because we have a whole lot of problems in Ghana that the artistes are not fighting for in terms of getting our royalties to be paid, in terms of we getting shows and the artistes are not getting paid well,”

Shatta went further to explain why he stands up for other artiste, making sure they get paid for what they do.

“I’m the only artiste who makes sure artistes get paid and we get rich. I could boldly say I am making money more than every other artiste in Ghana all because I stand up, I really want things to be done well for the industry. That’s how come I get these beefs everywhere because people think I talk too much but I don’t talk too much. I talk for people to see the practical aspect of everything I am doing,”

The SM King earlier shared photos of himself and a video “tripping $$$ on $trippers”.
Watch video of the interview below;

Shatta Wale 50 Cent




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