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San Jose – A caulk gun isn’t supposed to scare a police officer; but apparently these cops do not think so.

A 53-yeal old man who was wielding nothing more dangerous than caulk gun has been shoot by three cops who fired about a dozen shots at him. The cops were on paid administrative leave.

sane jose police

The victim – John Brady Bowles, has been described as “mentally unstable” by the San Jose Chief of Police. And the details of this incident definitely back up that diagnosis.

Officers were responding to a complaint that a man (Bowles) was wandering around naked in the street at 1:30 p.m… He was reportedly, chasing and harassing children.

When the cops arrived on the scene, Bowles jumped into a blue pickup truck and backed out straight into a police cruiser and another vehicle.

Then Bowles ran for it. He made it about 4-miles while being followed by 10 cop cars, before he finally turned into a shopping center and collided head-on with a police SUV.

After that, one officer fired a shot at Bowles. The suspect then revved his truck and pointed the caulk gun at the assembled police force. The cops immediately returned fire, with one witness claiming to have heard 12 shots.

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The victim is currently in critical condition at a local hospital. He’s been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, felony evasion, misdemeanor hit-and-run, and annoying or molesting a child.

Despite Bowles’ reckless driving, no cops were harmed in the incident. The three officers who fired upon the suspect have since been named by the police chief: Todd Ahyo, William Wolfe and Erick Enderle. And these guys aren’t rookies; those three cops have a combined 67 years experience on the force.

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An internal investigation is currently underway – but what do you think? Should the cops be punished for what happened?

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