Mr. Samuel Attah-Mensah – manager to Citi Fm, an Accra base broadcasting radio station in Ghana has officially confirmed his support for the major opposing New Patriotic Party.
Mr Mensah who is also known as Sammens made this confession last Friday on the Viasat1 talk show – Tonight with Nii Kpakpo. Over the years, his contribution and support for the NPP party has been unclear to the public. His radio station is widely listened to in the country for its rich taste in dynamics programmes held.

While on the Talk Show, Sammens mentioned that one’s allegiance to a political party should not prevent them from being objective with other political parties and insisted that he does not care what others think about his stance with the party.

“I support the NPP; I support the NPP, so what? I should be able to support the NPP or the NDC and still give a fair chance to every political party with my media. So that’s who I am. I mean ideologically, I don’t care what whoever says… I have said it even on Viasat1.”

Sammens also mentioned that he believed in clear politic and as a media person, he preferred to clearly state his position and stance on an issue rather than lay back and deceive the masses.

“There are people who tell you that… me I am a media man I don’t support any party yet they are doing ‘asumasedwuma’ [pull strings behind the scenes].”

The successful manager also mentioned that he had lots of friends in the ruling political party – NDC. He said he maintain clean relations with them and see no need to indulge in dirty politics or hide his stance.

“This is what it is. I mean that doesn’t make me an enemy of the other political parties. I have very wonderful friends from the NDC; from the president to whomever you want to think about. I am very comfortable with that,”





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