russian spy link to trump dead

You might be wonder why People in Russia with potential ties to Trump keep dying mysteriously, reason being if the U.S. government can uncover hard evidence that Trump collaborated with Russian agents, he could be convicted of treason.

The brief documentary below details Putin’s reign of terror in Russia. It only tells a small piece of the story of Putin, but even this glimpse is utterly terrifying.

Under a Putin regime, journalists who openly criticize the Putin have a way of disappearing and dying that is incredibly disturbing. This is a pattern that is becoming even more noticeable in the wake of recent news tying Trump to the Russian government.

As of today, 12 Russians have recently died. These people likely had knowledge about the alleged communication between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, but there’s reason to suspect that they did.

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Nikolai Andrushchenko is the latest name to be added to the list. Andrushchenko, 73, was the co-founder of the Russian newspaper

“Novy Peterburg.” He was found barely alive on March 9 after a severe beating, and died 10 days later from his injuries.

Since news broke that the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia, several people in Russia have turned up dead. This list includes two former Russ-ian intelligence agents who disappeared and haven’t been seen since.

Two Russian diplomats died under strange circumstances while in the U.S. Both had severe head trauma. The government insists both men died of heart attacks.

There are several active investigations into the possible ties between Donald Trump and Russia. Trump’s first security advisor, Michael Flynn, already resigned because he received payments from Russia he did not fully disclose to the U.S. government.

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All the pieces of the puzzle are not here, but the picture that is emerging is starting to look pretty scary. The death toll is growing higher, and there are still many more questions than answers about the 2016 presidential election.

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