Ronaldo Nike: Christiano Ronaldo  have signed a LIFETIME CONTRACT with one of the biggest shoe company in the world – Nike which could probably be worth more than 1 Billion USD.

In a deal that could be worth more than $1 Billion, Christiano Ronaldo has said that he just signed a lifetime deal with shoe giant – Nike.

Ever since joining Nike in 2003, CR7 has proven himself to be one the most famous and marketable athlete on this planet earth. Listed as the top earning athlete by Forbes Magazine in 2016, he is worth over $88 Million.

The Swoosh has reported that CR7 will be sporting Nikes for a lot of years to come. That mean we will be seeing him scoring goals in the Nike footwear.

“The successful partnership between Nike and Ronaldo will continue well into the future with a new, long-term contract.” – The Swoosh said.

Also a  video statement issued by Ronaldo sees the “Best Footballer” saying the contract is “For Life”.

How much will the contract be worth?

Now, we know LeBron’s deal with Nike is worth more than $1 Million, and we know Ronaldo aint that cheap, he is not settling for anything less. According to TMZ, their source has confirmed that Ronaldo’s deal is “Very Similar” to LeBron’s.


Ronaldo’s Video Statement… Ronaldo Nike

Credit: TMZ




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