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The Washington Post reports that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his probe into collusion to also include obstruction of justice.

You can throw your Russiagate speculation out the window, as Donald J. Trump is now OFFICIALLY a target of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team.

Specifically, Mueller is now probing whether Trump’s guilty of committing obstruction of justice for outrageously trying to fire his way out of Russiagate, a crucial first step in the fight to put Trump behind bars.

Trump’s recent firings of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates, former FBI Director James Comey and former top federal prosecutor Preet Bharara all share a common, disturbing theme. These patriots were set to expose Trump’s treason once and for all, so he axed them as a way to obstruct the truth from coming out.

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But the good news is that, according to a DAMNING report from The Washington Post, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has expanded his probe into collusion to also include obstruction of justice. As Special Counsel, Mueller has authority to turn over ANY stone, and this expansion indicates that he fully intends to.

The Post reports that Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s obstructionism began right on the heels of Trump’s disgraceful firing of James Comey, the man formerly in charge of the FBI’s investigation into Team Trump. That means our president has been the subject of a criminal investigation not for seconds or hours but for WEEKS.

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It can’t be overstated just how catastrophic this development is from a PR point of view for Team Trump. The Goon-in-Chief has committed a string of felonies while in office and now, thanks to Mueller, it’s time for him to face the music for his crimes.

Trump’s criminality will wreck the Republican brand for YEARS to come—perhaps permanently—especially if Mueller’s investigation ends up sending Trump to prison. This development is a MAJOR win for the Resistance.

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According to five anonymous federal officials who have been briefed on Mueller’s investigation, the Special Counsel will soon interview National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. The interviews will focus on whether Trump tried to coerce them into obstructing the FBI’s Russiagate investigation.

For Trump, there’s no escape at this point. His last recourse would be to fire Mueller, which would be political suicide since such a move would rally most congressional Republicans to be in favor of impeachment.

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THIS is what being backed into a corner looks like. And THIS is the price Trump must pay for repeatedly betraying his responsibilities to the American people.

Mueller is delivering, folks. There’s no question that he’s going to make Trump face justice.

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