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Robert Mueller & Donald Trump

Special counsel Robert Mueller just hired some experienced prosecutors to investigate the Russia scandal, according to a report from Politico

These prosecutors have experience investigating the mafia, Enron, and the Watergate scandal. They’re the perfect individuals to take down Trump and his administration.

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These men are also former colleagues of Meuller from his last job at the Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr law firm. These are familiar faces that Mueller has a lot of experience working with.

Mueller’s choices in prosecutors say a lot about how he expects this investigation to go forward. These men have experience going after powerful men with a lot to hide.

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The first is Aaron Zebley, a prosecutor who was also Mueller’s FBI chief of staff. So he has a lot of experience investigating federal crimes.

Then there’s James Quarles, who got his start 40 years ago as an assistant Watergate prosecutor. So he’s already helped to take down a sitting president.

But perhaps Trump should be most scared of Andrew Weissmann, the head of the Justice Department’s criminal fraud unit. That’s because Weissmann and Mueller have a long history working together at the FBI.

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Wiesemann oversaw investigations into Enron executives after that company went belly-up. He’s also tried over 25 mafia cases, including members of the Genovese, Colombo, and Gambino families.

Former Obama Justice Department spokeswoman Emily Pierce thinks that Weissman is a terrific choice. She feels that he has the knowledge and experience to expose any corruption in the Trump administration.

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Pierce said, “As a fraud and foreign bribery expert, he knows how to follow the money. Who knows what they will find, but if there is something to be found, he will find it.”

Collectively, these men have taken out mafia bosses, presidents, and corrupt businessmen. There are no better choices to lead the investigation into the Trump administration’s collusion with Russia.

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Experts say that Robert Mueller will need a team of six to eight people to pursue an investigation like this. So we can expect Mueller to appoint another three to five prosecutors in the coming months.

Mueller may also pull in experts from other government agencies, like the Treasury Department. He’ll need to hire some administrative assistants as well to fill out his team.

Hopefully, these appointees will be just as qualified as the current members of Mueller’s team. It looks like Robert Mueller will have Trump and his team running scared in the near future.

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