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The Russiagate developments are coming in fast and furious now, as word has just been received that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now in talks with Donald Trump’s White House to set up interviews with former and current top Trump officials. Trump is SURELY panicking, as these interviews signify a remarkable acceleration of Mueller’s Russiagate probe.

According to an astounding new report from The New York Times, Mueller wants to talk with Trump’s most senior officials – the people who would’ve been there to see or hear Trump’s criminal behavior. One of Mueller’s main targets for the time being is former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who Trump had ousted last week and replaced with General John Kelly.

As Trump’s Chief of Staff for the first months of Trump’s toxic administration, Priebus would’ve had front-row tickets to all sorts of potentially prosecutable criminality. Thus it’s no wonder that Priebus’s name is at the top of Mueller’s list for now.

But Priebus is by no means the only top official Mueller wants to talk to. Per NYT, the Special Counsel would like to interview anyone in the White House who witnessed or participated in Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

YIKES. If that doesn’t sound like Mueller’s dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s on an Obstruction of Justice case against Trump, then nothing will.

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This bombshell story taken in conjunction with the fact that Paul Manafort’s home was just raided by the FBI shows that Russiagate is the real deal. Real crimes have occurred and America’s most professional prosecutors are now hitting pay dirt.

Trump must be losing his mind right now. Mueller’s investigation has finally found its way into the White House and people are going to have to start fessing up, lest they want to do major jail time on Trump’s behalf.

The ruse is up. Mueller wouldn’t be raiding houses, starting grand juries, and interviewing top administration officials if he hadn’t already uncovered evidence of extreme criminality.

We’re looking at the possibility of a sitting president being walked out of the White House in handcuffs. It’s absolutely necessary, though, if treason is at play.

Godspeed to Special Counsel Mueller as Russiagate continues to pick up steam. The American people are depending on him.
We in the Resistance must rally for justice like never before; it’s our best grassroots option to back Mueller up. The fate of American democracy hangs in the balance.

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