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The GOP’s many failures have them in trouble for the 2018 elections. But the Republicans have found a way to cheat and steal the elections yet again.

The House Republicans plan to eliminate the independent and bipartisan Election Assistance Commission (EAC). This agency’s only mission is to secure the voting process.

The agency was created in 2002 by the Help America Vote Act, which was signed by former President George W. Bush with bipartisan support. But now the Republicans want to dismantle this commission.

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We need this agency now more than ever, though. That’s because our elections are at more risk than ever thanks to Russian hacking.

In fact, the EAC is working with the FBI to investigate Russia’s interference in the last election. The agency will be instrumental in blowing open the Russia scandal.

The EAC helped to get rid of archaic voting methods and established better election security. The agency has also helped to uncover voting machine hacks, like the recent ones in South Carolina.

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But the GOP wants to get rid of the EAC because it’s another government agency that could supposedly trample on people’s rights. It’s the same old conservative chorus line that the government’s too big.

For example, Representative Tom Graves (R-GA) said of the agency, “People supporting the EAC are quite frankly proponents for a greater federal role in our election.”

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But Democrats argue that we need the EAC to protect us from Russia’s efforts to subvert our elections. Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL) rightly pointed out, “Cutting [EAC] funding to it is a green light to Putin to do it again.”

The Republicans don’t seem to care about our national security, though. They would rather stand with Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The FBI and CIA also insist that Putin will try to interfere in our elections in 2018. And with the EAC out-of-the-way, there’ll be fewer obstacles to stop him.

That makes it easier for Putin to help the Republicans steal the Congressional elections. The GOP is willing to cheat with a foreign government in order to stay in power.

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People also understand that the Congressional Republicans won’t do anything to stop Trump. So only Democrats can take Trump down.

Normally this would spell trouble for the Republicans. They’re such a failure that massive elections losses are inevitable.

Their defunding of the EAC, however, shows that they’re willing to do anything to stay in power. So help us expose the Republicans’ dirty tricks by sharing this story on Facebook and Twitter since the media won’t talk about it.




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