rachel maddow exposed mike pence

Donald Trump’s various scandals are so vast and complex that it’s often difficult to keep track of how to put the various pieces together. One of the most important roles a political reporter or commentator can play in this era is to figure out how those pieces really do fit, because it allows the rest of us to see the big picture.

On Thursday night, Rachel Maddow did precisely that while spelling out just how guilty Mike Pence is in the Trump-Russia scandal.

The impetus was Thursday’s testimony by Donald Trump Jr, which unwittingly helped confirm that Donald Trump was obstructing justice by instructing his son on how to cover up his Russia meeting. This led Rachel Maddow to use her MSNBC show to piece together the various times in which Mike Pence has also tried to cover up the Russia scandal.

Maddow started out by documenting Pence’s lies aimed at covering for Michael Flynn, even though Pence knew at the time that Flynn was dirty. From there she highlighted Pence’s lies aimed at covering for Donald Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, even though it’s since been revealed that Pence knew Trump’s intent was to shut down the Russia investigation. Watch the segment in the video below:

Rachel Maddow goes on in this segment to point out that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now targeting Donald Trump’s senior staffers who were in on the discussion about how to frame Donald Trump Jr’s lies about the Russia meeting. She points out that this means Mueller has it within his power to pursue things in any direction, and to any extent, he sees fit. That includes taking down Mike Pence for his ongoing role in trying to cover up the Russia scandal. Or as Maddow puts it, Pence and the others surrounding Trump are “all going to need good lawyers