Robert Mugabe, sitting President of Zimbabwe is expected to visit Ghana for a four-day state visit. This is schedule for next week.
My Pavelyn Tendai Musaka, the Zimbabwean Ambassador to Ghana confirmed this to a Radio Station in Ghana – Joh Fm.  The Zimbabwean Ambassador to Ghana said Mr. Mugabe will be in Ghana from August 18 – August 22, 2016.
The purpose of the visit is for “Building Corporate Opportunitied between Zimbabwe and Ghana”.
Johm Dramani Mahama, Ghanaian president is expected to confer on Africa’s Longest Serving President – the Millennium Life Time Achievement Award to President Mugabe for his role in Zimbabwe’s Liberation struggle from the British colonial rule.

President Mugabe visit GhanaAccording to Joy Fm’s news, Ambassador Musaka said President Mugabe has a “Special Soft Spot” for Ghana. This is because the Zimbabwean president’s wife Sarah Francesca (Hayfron) Mugabe was a Ghanaian who was much-loved in Zimbabwean people. The First Lady of the country ruined from 1987 until her death in 1992. She was populoarly known as Amai which literally means Mother.
The ambassador talked about the influential role Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana’s first president) played in shaping the minds of African Political elite in the 60’s.At the height of the Zimbabwean’s struggle “…what we held on to was the teaching of Kwame Nkrumah” – the ambassador added.

President Robert Mugabe’s last visit to Ghana was in 2007. In this next visit, the 92-year-old president intends to also meet with the Zimbabwean community in Ghana.
President Robert Mugabe is a popular figure in the Ghanaian community. Apart from being the president of Zimbabwe and his stance on Gay Marriages, He is well-known for his social quotes which floods Ghanaian social media – the internet at large.

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