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While visiting a refugee center in Bologna, Italy, Pope Francis just made a series of Christ-like comments on the ongoing global refugee crisis that puts Donald Trump’s unhinged bigotry to shame. Francis reminded the Christian world that, to them, Christ is in every stranger. And these remarks are sure to humiliate the xenophobic Trump, Thinkprogress reported.

For his part, Pope Francis has been working as hard as possible to be Trump’s foil on the international stage. What Trump does wrong, Pope Francis does right. That’s become particularly evident in the current refugee crisis that’s sparked debates in Europe and the United States.

The latest example of this yin-yang dynamic came on Sunday. At a time when Trump is attacking legally displaced persons by repealing DACA, the pope made it a point to visit with displaced refugees in Bologna to signal to the world that we must welcome our neighbors, no matter where they hail from.

Thus Pope Francis greeted and took selfies with the migrants at the Bologna center, wearing a plastic wristband that identified himself as a refugee, too, for the purposes of solidarity. And then Francis made a series of compassionate remarks, the content of which should make Donald Trump ashamed of himself.

“Many who don’t know you are afraid of you,” Pope Francis declared. “That makes them think they have the right to judge [you] coldly and harshly.”

“In you, as in every stranger who knocks at our door, I see Jesus Christ, who identifies himself with the stranger of every age and condition, accepted or rejected,” Francis continued. He went on to call refugees “warriors of hope” who are “entitled protections.”

“I hope your hope doesn’t become delusion, or worse, desperation,” he added. And, with the monstrously xenophobic behavior of politicians like Trump as of late, it’s easy to understand how hope CAN turn to desperation.

pope francis

Pope Francis is the leader of the Catholic world, and as such, he’s using his position to chastise Trump’s bigotry in deeds and words. This will surely embarrass Trump—he doesn’t want to be lectured by anyone, but he’s most certainly being lectured by Pope Francis now.

A human being is a human being. Like Francis says, everyone deserves kindness and protections regardless of their skin color, beliefs or place of birth.

We applaud the pope for showing Trump what REAL moral leadership looks like. There is zero morality in the White House right now.

We must fight Trump’s hate with justice and compassion. Everyone deserves basic human decency.

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