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Back in 2016, head-scratching Americans wondered if then-candidate Donald Trump would find any credible politician actually willing to serve as his running mate for what most pollsters considered to be a doomed presidential campaign.

It now gives us pause that Mike Pence was that person who decided to join Trump’s ticket. Pence’s numerous oddities are currently being scrutinized as Trump is facing the very real threat of impeachment.

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It certainly will not help Pence’s cause that he decided to speak at a conference run by an evangelical pastor who has made some eyebrow-raising comments about Adolf Hitler.

John Hagee, who was an outspoken backer of Trump and Pence during the campaign, is the pastor of a megachurch in Texas.

He recently announced that Mike Pence will be delivering a speech at the annual Washington, D.C. conference of Christians United for Israel, an organization that John started and runs.

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Described Sarah Posner about the group and John’s views, “Hagee is ultimately less concerned with the fate of Israel or the Jews than with a theocratic Christian right agenda.” Hagee believes that the Antichrist is about to assume power, and that we are about to experience the age of the apocalypse. Hagee has also blamed Hurrican Katrina on homosexuals, and has referred to the Catholic Church as “the Great Whore.”

In 2008, Republican John McCain disavowed Hagee’s endorsement, after a truly bizarre sermon Hagee gave was publicized. In the sermon, Hagee declared, discussing the Holocaust, “Then God sent a hunter.

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A hunter is someone with a gun and he forces you. Hitler was a hunter. And the Bible says — Jeremiah writing — ‘They shall hunt them from every mountain and from every hill and from the holes of the rocks,’ meaning there’s no place to hide. And that might be offensive to some people but don’t let your heart be offended.

I didn’t write it, Jeremiah wrote it. It was the truth and it is the truth. How did it happen? Because God allowed it to happen. Why did it happen? Because God said my top priority for the Jewish people is to get them to come back to the land of Israel.” Are you disturbed that Vice President Mike Pence affiliates himself with people like John Hagee?




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