trump explains island

President Trump tried to defend his botched response to the disaster in Puerto Rico by explaining to America what an island is.


Trump said, “All appropriate parts of our government from Homeland Security to Defense are engaged fully in the response and the recovery effort probably has never been seen for something like this. This is an island surrounded by water, big water, ocean water.”

Surrounded by water, you say? That is usually how islands work.

Trump is making excuses for why he has slow-walked aid to Puerto Rico while at the same time defending his administration’s response. It is a good thing that Trump wasn’t president during World War II. His mind seems so blown by the existence of islands that the Japanese would have never been defeated.

It is not that hard for the disaster relief professionals to get assistance to an island. The problem is that the Trump administration won’t allow them to do their jobs.

The lights are on with Donald Trump, but it is clear that no one is home. The fact that Puerto Rico is an island is no excuse for how his administration has failed to respond to the growing humanitarian crisis.

Trump is out of it, and all he knows that the Hispanics in Puerto Rico need help, and he has no interest in giving it to them.




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