otiko djaba not interested in mahama

Otiko Djaba not interested in Mahama – News broke during the vetting process of the ministerial nominess which gave out information that Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection was, some years back interested in getting married to former president John Mahama.

Hon. Otiko has finally denied these accusations. According to the minister, these lies were all propaganda.

“It was one of the most ridiculous and ludicrous statements from a crazy guy called Mahama Haruna. Former President Mahama is my brother, there will be no inc*st in this relationship,” the Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister said in an interview with Kwadwo Asare-Barfour Acheampong (KABA) on Wednesday, 8 March.

The new was allegedly propagated by Mahama Haruna who claimed to have known the minister and former President Mahama since birth.

Haruna’s Accusation

Haruna Mahama had claimed in his piece that Ms Djaba was unrelenting in her attacks on Mr Mahama because the former president “rejected” an arranged marriage between him and her.

otiko djaba not interested in mahama

“Many are surprised about Otiko Afisah Djaba’s incessant attacks on President Mahama. I am not surprised because I know the reason for Otiko’s tantrums against President Mahama since she became an NPP member in 2008.

“It is simple! President John Dramani rejected an ARRANGED FAMILY MARRIAGE* between him and Otiko Afisa Djaba many years ago,” Haruna Mahama wrote on Facebook.

Ms Djaba has debunk Haruna’s accusation. “Haruna Mahama is a liar, there is no such tradition among Gonjas. I don’t know what kind of Gonja he is.” She said in a response on Asempa FM

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“President Mahama is my brother. I’ll respect him till the day I die. We have different ideologies; it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect him. His father and my mother’s father (maternal grandfather) were cousins, they shared a common grandmother. My mother met my father in Grandfather EA Mahama’s house, so, it’s a very close relationship. …I went into exile with my father when I was 16 years old at the same time that Grandfather EA Mahama was also in exile, so, at what point did my father and Grandfather EA Mahama arrange the so-called marriage? It is not possible, we are too close with blood for that to happen. Haruna is just playing mischief.” Ms Otiko Djaba concluded.