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Is it wrong to marry a woman who already have kids out of her first relationship, will you think that will be a prudent thing to do? I do not know what you think but one Ghanaian Pastor thinks it is a sin and only a fool will marry “damaged goods”.

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Pastor Mboro has said “Only an idiot would marry a sinner who is not with her children’s father, there is a reason he left, don’t be a fool be smart and stay away from Damaged Goods” Pastor Mboro made this confession when he tried to elaborates why men should not go near women with kids.

After his confession, Pastor Mboro has been exposed to a barrage of comments on social media. To him, women with kids are ‘damaged goods’ and men should only hit and run. Pastor Mboro goes on to explain that such women are abomination especially the ones who have kids with more than one man.

“God is punishing those women for their whorish ways and that is why they are single. Don’t go against Gods plan and feed into temptation. These miserable mothers will only suck the life out of you. Find a good Christian woman with no kids” Mboro He went further to say.

Pastor Mboro’s church has lost all its female members that have kids but are not married. He feels it’s just God cleansing his congregation of the wicked and is happy that his church has been purged of those evil b*tches.

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