Head pastor, founder and members of the International God’s Way Church last week were dumbfounded by a testimony made by a woman who also happens to be a member of the church.
The said woman who goes by the name – Ama Brago testified sayin that, she had a miraculous dream in which Obinim’s wife handed gold to her, which later appeared in a physical form.

The woman in question – Ama is a resident of Manso Abram which can be located in the Western Region. Ama who was going through financial problems consulted ‘Angel’ Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim at emergency prayer line to talk about her problems. News from the church’s website has it that, Brago was given an oil to use for five days. The direction of usage of the oil was handed over by the head pastor himself. Ama over the subsequent days  applied the oil, and in her dreams she was visited by the First Lady of the church – Mrs Florence Obinim who said to Ama that Obinim has sent her to hand over something.  Ama Brago confirmed that in her sleep Mrs. Obinim gave her a wrapped package. She hurriedly opened the package in her dreams, and to her surprise it was GOLD. She soundly slept through the night afterwards.

When Ama woke up in the morning, she was disappointed in the fact that the gift that was handed to her by Mrs. Obinim was all a dream. On a second thought, she empowered herself, knowing that what Bishop Obinim does in dreams do appear in real life.

Ama Brago said, all through the morning she was expecting a big miracle. She got up to sweep her compound when she heard the Bishop’s voice telling her to turn around and look at her left side. She complied in reality and saw the exact wrapped package which was handed over to her by Mrs. Obinim in the dreams. “It was the GOLD” she shouted.

According to the church’s website; Gospelreviewgh.com, The woman who was in church with the husband to narrate the miraculous event gave the gold to her brother who sold the mysterious gift at a worth of Ghc 4,000. This is equivalent to $1,050 USD. The church was in praise as Ama and the husband dance, thanking Pastor Obinim for the gift. Hmmmm

Question: Will You Accept A Gift From Pastor ‘Angel’ Obinim In Your Dream?

Source: Gospelreviewgh.com




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