Eliasu Zakari and Justina Nhyiraba are the two church member of the ‘Angel” Bishop Obinim’s International God’s Way Church.  The two who are the center of ‘Angel’ Obinim’s flogging saga and a video that went viral have finally commented on the issue.

The due were intervied live on OBTV, were they stated the number of years they have been staying with adopted father and man of God.
Zakari mentioned that he has been staying with the man of God for 8 years now. Her counterpart – Justina stated that she has been with the Bishop since she was age 10.

Zakari hurriedly admitted to the interviewer on OBTV that he slept with the now pregnant young lady and that the ordeal happened but just once. He also admitted to the flogging and stated that it started 3 days after justina informed him about the pregnancy.

Zakari also admitted to the fact that he tried to abort his unborn baby with Gyasiwaa. He said this was because he was afraid of what Bishop Obinim will do when he heard about the matter.
The young lady also added that she asked her sibling to bring her a concocted medicine to clear the unborn baby.

Nipa Y3 Bad.




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