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Alleged NPP Invisible Forces In kuwait

A story about NPP invisible forces in Saudi Arabia attacking the Ghanaian Embassy in Kuwait has surfaced on the internet.

The highlight of the story is that a number of thugs that are alleged to be associated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have gathered in Kuwait where they managed to break into the office of Alhaji Said Sinare – Ghanaian Ambassador in Kuwait.

Prior to this viral happening, NPP Middle East in Kuwait has issued a press release to debunk the story circulating on social media. Resulting from the attacks, the circulating news states that some party sympathizers have been arrested in Kuwait.

To quash the news, a press release from the NPP Middle East has communicated that “the said story is not only malicious and denigrating but a huge setback to Ghana-Saudi Diplomatic protocols”.

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The press release goes further to explain that as an executive of the Middle East branch of the political party in Kuwait, will like to state emphatically without equivocation that the story is false and manufactured to brand the New Patriotic Party worldwide as “violent.”

npp ghanaians in kuwait
NPP Invisible Forces in Kuwait

The statement which was signed by the NPP Middle East Chairman – Mr Isaac Osae explains further that this is a perfectly organized plan by the Ambassador to Kuwait since he has failed to help Ghanaians in Saudi Arabia, he wanted to create suspense as if he is an enemy to Ghanaians in Kuwait and the Gulf states.

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